An estimate of southeast Oregon's geothermal potential

Basic Information
Author: Fisher, D.M.
Description:O-75-08, Open-File Report: In the petroleum industry, estimates of oil reserves are based on the concepts of resource base, estimated s\reserves, and proven reserves. Estimates of geothermal reserves can also be viewed in terms of total amount of heat stored within a reasonable depth (resource base), amount of the resource which may be recoverable (estimated reserves), and actual measured energy to be derived from a reservoir (proven reserves). The following table illustrates the use of the concept for The Geysers, California and southeastern Oregon.
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Name: Donald Haines
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Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 44.2409194363
South Bounding Latitude: 41.7340706901
East Bounding Longitude: -116.850322435
West Bounding Longitude: -121.86008806