AASG Geothermal Data: Well Tests Content Model

Basic Information
Author: Arizona Geological Survey
Description:Please see the current location for information exchange formats (Excel workbooks and schemas) at http://schemas.usgin.org/models. This repository is not the most updated location for schemas. THIS CONTENT MODEL SUPERSEDES THE DRILL STEM TEST CONTENT MODEL. This template defines the content model for a service that delivers well stem test data collected during development of Oil and Gas wells. Normal drilling procedures control formation pressures and fluids through the use of a hydrostatic head. Well testing brings these formation pressures and fluids to the surface. Data collected during the test procedure will be provided through the well test feature service. Types of tests include Production, G10, Drill Stem, Drawdown, Buildup, and other well test types. This spreadsheet defines the schema used for the interchange of well test observation results by the AASG geothermal data project for the National Geothermal Data System. The HeaderURI for a particular borehole (well for simple wells) is the cross-referencing link (foreign key) used to associate the header record, well logs, temperature measurements, and other information from a particular borehole.
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