Basement Depth and Related Geospatial Database for Pennsylvania

Basic Information
Author: Alexander, S.S. , Cakir, R. , Doden, A.G. , Gold, D. P. , Root, S. I.
Description:A comprehensive geospatial database related to the basement geologic structure in Pennsylvania has been assembled and used to generate an initial (Version 1.0) basement contour map with associated geological and geophysical features superimposed. This geospatial database has also been used to generate other interesting combinations of the GIS data layers that can be used for future research or practical applications. The GIS layers include: Geographical (Pennsylvania Boundaries and Counties), Topographic (Digital Elevation Model, DEM), Satellite Imagery (Landsat TM), Geologic (Surface Geology Map), Tectonic (Faults and Dikes), Geophysical (Seismic, Gravity, Magnetic, Faults and Lineaments), Earthquakes (Historical and Instrumental Events), Boreholes (Deep Wells), and Mineralogical (Lead-Zinc Mineral Deposits). A total of 33 data layers are included in the online open-file report. Data layers include Pennsylvania and surrounding county boundaries, Digital Elevation Model (DEM) images, a LandSat image of Pennsylvania, geologic units, kimberlites, general mineral information, basement contours, faults and lineaments, geophysical information such as seismic, gravity, and magnetic data, earthquake information, and point locations of deep boreholes. Detailed descriptions of the geospatial data layers are provided in the metadata files. Twenty-four of the layers have associated metadata files, which can be downloaded. This open-file report was developed by David P. Gold of the Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University, in collaboration with S. S. Alexander (Pennsylvania State University), R. Cakir (Department of Geo-Environmental Engineering, Pennsylvania State University), A. G. Doden (GMRE Inc., State College, Pa.), and S. I. Root (Department of Geology, College of Wooster, Ohio). As part of this report, the map Precambrian Basement Map of the Appalachian Basin and Piedmont Province in Pennsylvania was produced and a link to the map PDF has been provided. Background on the project, text for the open-file report, and the principal data layers used are also included. More information is provided about the geospatial data and software requirements of the open-file report. Suggested Citation: Alexander, S. S., Cakir, R., Doden, A. G., and others, compilers, 2005, Basement depth and related geospatial database for Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Geological Survey, 4th ser., Open-File Report OFGG 05-01.0, 1 map, scale 1:500,000. Available online. This resource was provided by the Pennsylvania Geological Survey and made available for distribution through the National Geothermal Data System.
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Organization Name: Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey
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