Board Submittals: Proposed Designation of the Kilauea Southwest Rift as a Geothermal Resource Subzone and Geothermal Resource Mining Lease Application

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Description:Pursuant to Act 296, Session Laws of Hawaii 1983, and Act 151, Session laws of Hawaii 1984, the Department of Land and Natural Resources initiated staff work in early 1983 for the designation of geothermal resource subzones in the State of Hawaii by the Board of Land and Natural Resources. The objective of establishing subzones is to allow geothermal resource exploration, development, and production of electrical energy to take place in areas having low impacts to social, economic, environmental, geological hazards, compatibility with surrounding land uses and other related aspects of interest to the communities, the County, and the State. The Department's staff with assistance from a geothermal resource technical committee and a consultant completed the following work tasks: assessment of available information on geothermal resources in Hawaii; promulgated the Administrative Rules on geothermal resource sub zones; assessment of geothermal resources in the State of Hawaii on a county-by-county basis; conducted impact analysis on social, economic, environmental, geologic hazards, compatibility to existing and planned land uses, and the relationship to other State and County programs. The staff conducted several community meetings to discuss those areas identified as having potential geothermal resources to produce electrical energy and the various components relating to impacts to the communities, County and the State. The staff presented the information to the Board and subsequently a "Proposal for Designating Geothermal Resource Subzones" was issued by the Board in July 1984. The Board proposed that the Haleakala Southwest Rift Zone, Island of Maui covering an area of 4154 acres be a candidate for designation as a geothermal resource subzone. Public hearings on the proposal was conducted by the Board on September 10, 1984. Includes memos and correspondence to the board, maps, diagrams, applications and hand written notes.
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