Utah Active Faults

Basic Information
Author: Michael D. Hylland, U.S. Geological Survey
Description:This resource is a compilation of Active Fault feature data provided by the United States Geological Survey, courtesy of the Utah Geological Survey. The data are published as a Web feature service, a web map service, an ESRI service endpoint, the geodatabase in Access, and as an Excel file for download. The document contains four worksheets,including information about the template with notes related to revisions of the template, resource provider information, the data, and a field list (to assist data mapping). Each feature in an active fault data record (row) should be characterized by a unique combination of name, URI, geologic history, slip, location and orientation properties, as well as being physically connected or inferred to be connected in the Earth. For mapped active faults which are the scope of this scheme, the deformation style is assumed to be brittle (as opposed to ductile). This resource was provided by the Utah Geological Survey and made available though the National Geothermal Data System.
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Distributor Contact Information
Organization Name: Arizona Geological Survey
Street: 416 W. Congress St., Suite 100
City: Tucson
State: AZ
Zip: 85701
Phone: 520-770-3500
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 42.3213817397
South Bounding Latitude: 36.7545344172
East Bounding Longitude: -108.590210057
West Bounding Longitude: -114.124313203