Airborne Electromagnetic Survey Barringer Input System Logistics Report 83-398 of Columbus Geothermal Test Area in New Mexico USA

Basic Information
Author: R. Hetu, Geophysicist
Description:On May 14, 1980, Geoterrex Limited conducted a combined airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey in the state of New Mexico for the New Mexico State University. The purpose of the survey is to establish if the INPUT AEM system can be used to directly locate the conductive material believed to be associated with Geotermal vents. The area is located west of El Paso near the US-Mexico International border and adjacent to Columbus, New Mexico. The survey area is known as the Columbus Geothermal Test Area. This report is a product of Geoterrex Limited and describes the Airborne Electromagnetic Survey. This report is accompanied by 12 maps including resistivity contour maps, flight path maps, and magnetic anomaly map. The accompanying maps are available as downloadable TIF files.
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Distributor Contact Information
Organization Name: Arizona Geological Survey
Street: 416 W. Congress St., Suite 100
City: tucson
State: AZ
Zip: 85701
Phone: 520-770-3500
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 32.1855795757
South Bounding Latitude: 31.7755491376
East Bounding Longitude: -106.773406899
West Bounding Longitude: -108.146697914