Abandoned Quarries in Indiana

Basic Information
Author: Hasenmueller, Walter A.
Description:The Abandoned Quarries, 1998 interactive map shows abandoned quarry locations that have locational information that is adequate to determine coordinate values. Derived from information in Indiana Geological Survey Computer Database 2. The shapefile is available for download and shows locations of abandoned industrial mineral quarries in Indiana. This resource is available online as an interactive map and for download as a compressed image shapefile.
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Name: Publications Sales clerk
Organization Name: Indiana Geological Survey
Street: 611 N. Walnut Grove Avenue
City: Bloomington
State: IN
Zip: 47405
Phone: (812) 855-7636
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 39.8521
South Bounding Latitude: 37.8626
East Bounding Longitude: -86.2569
West Bounding Longitude: -87.9324