Bedrock Geology of the Brattleboro Quadrangle, Vermont-New Hampshire

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Author: Hepburn, J. C.; Trask, N. J.; Rosenfeld, J. L.; and Thompson, Jr., J. B.
Description:This resource is available as a downloadable file, a Web Map Service, and as an ESRI Service. Resource includes a Bedrock map, Legend image, Cross Section image, and text on Bedrock geology for the Brattleboro quadrangle, Vermont-New Hampshire. For more information see links provided. Abstract: The Brattleboro quadrangle of southeastern Vermont and southwestern New Hampshire is underlain principally by metamorphosed Lower to Middle Paleozoic sedimentary and volcanic rocks. The area sits astride portions of three regional tectonic zones, from west to east: the Green Mountain anticinorium, the Connecticut River-Gasp synclinorium and the Bronson Hill anticinonum. The first two of these zones are discussed as the Western Sequence and include strata ranging in age from Precambrian through Silurian. The geology of the Bronson Hill anticlinorium is discussed as the Eastern Sequence covering strata ranging in age from Ordovician to Lower Devoman. Granitic intrusive rocks in the area belong to the Ordovician-aged Oliverian Plutonic Series and the Devoman-aged New Hampshire Plutonic Series.
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