Bedrock Geology of the East Barre Area, Vermont

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Author: Varanasi Rama Murthy
Description:This resource is available as a downloadable file, ESRI Service, and as a Web Map service. Resource includes a Bedrock map, Structural map, Regional map, Cross Section image, and text for the Bedrock geology of the East Barre Area, Vermont. Abstract: The East Barre area lies on the eastern limb of the Green Mountain anticlinorium in east-central Vermont. Four lithologic units, considered here as formations, are present. West to east they are: The Barton River, the Westmore, the Waits River and the Gile Mountain formations. The Barton River and Westmore formations are continuous with the same formations in their type area farther north. Hitherto, they were included with the unit of calcareous rocks in the central part of the East Barre quadrangle, in an all-too-comprehensive Waits River formation, but the excellent mappability of the individual units and the available structural and stratigraphic evidence justify distinguishing the units as separate formations. I suggest therefore, that the term 'Waits River formation' be restricted to include only the eastern calcareous unit, as the geographic locality, Waits River village, is situated on this unit and excellent outcrops are present northeast of the village. An analysis of the minor structures, such as plunges and patterns of the minor folds and cleavage-bedding relations, shows that the rocks of the area were subjected to two stages of deformation.
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