Behavior of Osmium in Recently Glaciated Terrains; Os Isotopes of the Connecticut River Watershed

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Author: Sharma M. and Chen C.
Description:A key component to understanding climate change is to determine past CO2 levels. Continental weathering consumes CO2 thus changes in continental weathering rates have important ramifications for atmospheric CO2 levels and climate change. Osmium (Os) isotopes are potentially useful as a proxy for continental (silicate) weathering. Recently glaciated terrains are regions where rapid weathering is occurring thus play an important role in the consumption of atmospheric CO2. Rivers draining this actively weathering terrain should give insight into the processes controlling the Os concentration and isotopic composition in river waters. We have begun a sampling campaign along the Connecticut River to investigate the behavior of Os. Both bank sediment and water samples were collected along the Connecticut River from Wells River, VT to Lebanon, NH. The sample at Wells River is well upstream of anthropogenic influences while the sample at Lebanon, NH is downstream of Wilder dam. These samples span across several lithologies of diverse ages and varying degrees of anthropogenic impacts.
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