Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy of the Danby and Clarendon Springs Formations in South-Central Vermont

Basic Information
Author: Altemus, Elizabeth T. and GLUMAC, Bosiljka
Description:A large positive carbon-isotope excursion (d13C=+ 4 to 5 percent VPDB) is recorded in Upper Cambrian (Steptoean or Dresbachian-Franconian) marine carbonate rocks worldwide. This characteristic isotopic signature is useful in stratigraphic studies of strata without biostratigraphic indicators. This study focused on nonfossiliferous metamorphosed carbonate rocks of the Danby and lower Clarendon Springs Fms. in south-central Vermont, which have been correlated with unmetamorphosed Dresbachian to Franconian strata in eastern New York. This correlation was based on the presence of quartzite interbedded with dolomitic marbles of the Danby Fm., which may represent siliciclastic input onto the carbonate platform during a sea level fall at the Dresbachian-Franconian or the Sauk II-III sequence boundary.
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