Ages of intrusion and metamorphism in The Northern Appalachians

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Author: Henry Faul, T. W. Stern, H. H. Thomas and P. L. D. Elmore
Description:A series of K-Ar, Rb-Sr, and Pb/alpha age measurements in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont indicates a complex history of intrusion and metamorphism. Evidence of Grenville age (about 1000 million years ago) is preserved in southwestern Vermont, and subsequent major events in Devonian (400 to 350 million years ago), Permian (270 to 230 million years ago), and Jurassic time (180 to 130? million years ago) are observed. The Appalachian age pattern is similar to that reported from the Ural Mountains and may indicate a tectonic time relationship between the Appalachians and the Urals.
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