Addresses the critical role of geosciences in military undertakings. Expand Crustal structure, fossil subduction, and the tectonic evolution of the Newfoundland Appalachians: Evidence from a reprocessed seismic reflection survey

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Author: Van der Velden Arie J., Van Staal Cees R, Cook Frederick A
Description:Reprocessed Lithoprobe seismic reflection data across the Appalachian orogen in Newfoundland provide images of an Ordovician-Devonian collision zone that separates Laurentia from Ganderia, an accreted peri-Gondwanan microcontinent. Prominent reflectivity within Ganderian basement tapers westward and merges with reflections that project beneath the Moho, outlining a probable Ordovician to Devonian subduction zone. Reflectivity within Ganderian basement likely originates from transposed compositional layering within Cambrian-Neoproterozoic arc basement.
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