AASG Geothermal Data: Well Fluid Production Observation Content Model

Basic Information
Author: Richard, Stephen; Coleman, Celia; Caudill, Christy
Description:Please see the current location for information exchange formats (Excel workbooks and schemas) at http://schemas.usgin.org/models. This repository is not the most updated location for schemas. This workbook documents a content model for exchange of information about fluid production for a given well. A generic model is intended to allow for a variety of flows from a well including oil, gas, and water as well as steam production. Because of the wide variety of possible flow measurements (commodities, aggregation type), the model adopts a thin approach, which may result in many records being returned for a single well. Thus most data about the well is linked through the HeaderURI instead of included inline to keep the redundant data volume down.
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State: Arizona
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