AASG Geothermal Data: Geothermal Area Content Model

Basic Information
Author: Richard, Stephen
Description:Please see the current location for information exchange formats (Excel workbooks and schemas) at http://schemas.usgin.org/models. This repository is not the most updated location for schemas. The spreadsheet in this bundle contains the GeothermalAreaTemplate spreadsheet that specifies specifies content elements for an interchange format for geothermal area polygons, for low or high temperature geothermal fields. A personal geodatabase/access database is also included and contains the attributes in this (Template) that will become XML elements in interchange documents for Web feature services, served by AASG geothermal data web services. In the geothermal data system, geothermal area services may be used to discover resources. The deliverable is the personal geodatabase.
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Author Contact Information
Distributor Contact Information
Organization Name: Arizona Geological Survey
Street: 416 W. Congress St. Ste. 100
City: Tucson
State: Arizona
Zip: 85701
Phone: 520-770-3500
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 49.6915
South Bounding Latitude: 23.9999
East Bounding Longitude: -54.9316
West Bounding Longitude: -126.826