An Investigation of Potential Geothermal Energy sources in Mississippi, Open File Report 1, Mississippi Geological, Economic and Topographical Survey

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Author: Luper, Edwin E.
Description:An Investigation of Potential Geothermal Energy Sources in Mississippi, DOE Contract No. EG-77-S-05-5361; Edwin E. Luper, Principal Investigator; Mississippi Geological, Economic and Topographical Survey; Jackson, Mississippi; 1978. The objective of this study was to assess the geo-temperature regime in the subsurface of the south-central and southern portion of the state of Mississippi. The area includes the Mississippi Salt Basin, the Jackson Dome, and related minor structural features within the state. In order to accomplish the objective, it was necessary to accumulate sufficient data to construct isothermal maps on six temperatures.The geothermal gradient is expressed in degrees Fahrenheit per hundred feet of depth. Results of this study have indicated that there are areas in south and south-central Mississippi that are favorable for further development of the geothermal resource within the state. The assessment of the geo-temperature regime is the first step in the exploration process and serves to isolate the more prospective areas. The report "Investigation of Potential Geothermal Energy Sources in Mississippi, Open File Report 1" (PDF) comprises 35 pages, including maps and index map. For Convenience, the Index Map is reproduced as a separate file and is available as a PDF. This data was submitted by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality - Office of Geology and made available for distribution through the AASG National Geothermal Data System. Maps produced include areas of central and southern Mississippi, including all or portions of Adams, Amite, Attala, Calhoun, Carroll, Claiborne, Clarke, Copiah, Covington, Forrest, Franklin, George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Hinds, Holmes, Humphreys, Issaquena, Jackson, Jasper, Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, Jones, Lamar, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Leake, Leflore, Lincoln, Madison, Marion, Newton, Pearl River, Perry, Pike, Rankin, Scott, Sharkey, Simpson, Smith, Stone, Sunflower, Walthall, Warren, Washington, Wayne, Wilkinson, and Yazoo Counties. The isothermal maps that are included with this report have been labeled as follows - Map 1: 158 F (70 C) isotherm. Map 2: 212 F (100 C) isotherm. Map 3: 248 F (120 C) isotherm. Map 4: 302 F (150 C) isotherm. Map 5: 356 F (180 C) isotherm. Map 6: 401 F (205 C) isotherm. The first three isothermal maps were constructed using an approximate scale of 1 to 250,000. Due to their size, they were divided into five sections as shown on the Index Map. The two remaining isothermal maps, as well as the 401 F (205 C) location map, were constructed using an approximate scale of 1 to 500,000. These maps were contoured manually by the staff of the MGS in 1978. Many of the reference marks appear to be incorrectly drawn, so a best-fit methodology was used on the scanned maps to attempt to place them in their appropriate relative location in georeferencing.
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