Summary of Geothermal Operations 2008

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Author: Johnson, E.A., Truschel, J., and Woods, M.
Description:PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS GEOTHERMAL DRILLING ACTIVITY In 2008, 32 new high temperature geothermal wells were drilled in California compared to 12 wells drilled in 2007. Twenty two of these wells were drilled in the Brawley field 3 in the Salton Sea field and 7 at The Geysers Figure 1. Total footage drilled in 2008 increased 5.7 times over the total footage drilled in 2007 194,758 feet compared to 49,355 feet Figure 2. The need for sustainable power set against the turmoil of the worlds economies created a chaotic 2008. What 2009 will bring in terms of developing geothermal projects is uncertain.
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