The Economics of Sustainable Geothermal Development

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Author: Lovekin, J.W.
Description:In planning the development of a geothermal field, there is atrade-off between plant capacity and the cost of make-updrilling. A larger plant benefits from economies of scale inthe construction and operation of surface facilities. On theother hand, a larger plant also places a greater load on thegeothermal reservoir, which causes higher rates of decline inwell productivity. Greater decline rates for existing wellsrequire a larger number of make-up wells. Because the costof make-up wells occurs later in the project life, this cost hasrelatively less impact on project economics than the up-frontcost of plant construction. Similarly, the loss of revenue froma decline in output late in a project's life is much lesssignificant than revenue foregone at the start of a project dueto limited plant capacity.
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