Review of the State-Of-The-Art of Numerical Simulation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems

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Author: Hardeman, B., Swenson, D., Butler, S.J., and Sanyal, S.K.
Description:Under the premise that the behavior of enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) will be dominated by fracture flow, this paper reviews the special features that would be required of any practical numerical simulator for EGS. These features, required in addition to the basic features of conventional geothermal simulators, namely, the ability to handle two-phase fluid flow, heat transfer and tracer in porous and fractured media, are: explicit representation of fractures,change in fracture aperture due to effective stress and shear, thermo-elastic effects, relation between fracture aperture and conductivity, and channeling of fluid flow within fractures.Chemical reaction between water and rock and coupling of the reservoir model with a well bore model would also be desirable features.
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