Potential Sites and Experiments for Enhanced Geothermal Systems In The Western United States

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Author: Lovekin, J.W., Robertson-Tait, Ann
Description:The Department of Energy's EGS Strategic Plan anticipates that EGS experimentation in the United States will be underway by 2004 in areas within or adjaeent to commerciallydeveloped hydrothermal fields, and that an EGS demonstration plant will begin operating in 2008. Criteria for selecting sites for EGS experimentation focus on enhancing energy recovery at producing fields while advancing the EGS knowledge base incrementally towards a demonstrationproject. With input from field operators, basic characteristics and information on the type of EGS work that may be undertaken are presented for 15 producing fields and 2 unexploited fields. Six producing fields meet 90 - 100% of the site selection criteria and 9 meet 60 - 70%. The use of EGS techniques to supply an existing facility has the advantages of low cost, support from the geothermal industry and demonstration of applicability to a variety of conversiontechnologies. This approach seeks to reduce EGS risk and uncertainty, promoting the transition from research to commercial evelopment.
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