Planning For Mitigation of the Geothermal System To Allow Development of the Lihir Gold Project, Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea

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Author: Howard, W.T., Klein, C.W., Menzies, A.J., and Forth, J.
Description:The Lihir Island orebody is located at an elevation just above sea level within the Quaternary-age Luise Caldera of Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea. The caldera is breached by the sea on its northeast side. Hot fluids rising from a still-active geothermal system are believed to have deposited gold in brecciated rocks of the caldera. The ore body is to be mined in a 2 x open pit that ultimately will reach a depth of about 220 m below sea level. Within the caldera, here is intense surface geothermal activity in the form of teaming ground, fumaroles, boiling springs and gas seeps. At the floor of the proposed mine, rock temperatures are as high as 170C and immediately adjacent to the proposed western margin of the mine, temperatures reach 240C at a depth of about 300 m.
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