Optimization of Power Generation from Moderate Temperature Geothermal Systems A Case History

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Author: Glaspey, D., Kitz, K. and Sanyal, S.K.
Description:Advances in binary-cycle power and submersible pump technologies over the past two decades have made electric power generation from geothermal fields in the moderate temperature range (100 to 180C) convincingly commercial. For geothermal water in this temperature range, binary-cycle is more efficient for power conversion than flash-cycle and pumping of wells is more efficient than self flowing. The lower temperature limit of 100C is imposed by the limits of binary-cycle technology and the upper limit of 180C is imposed by the limits of pump technology commercially available today. This paper is a case study of optimization of net power generation from such a field at Raft River, in the State of Idaho, United States.
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