Drilling and completion of Multiple-Legged Wells in the Northwest Geysers

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Author: Gardner, M.C., Chase, D., Quinn, D.G., and Henneberger, R.C.
Description:The technique of completing or re completing production-wells as multiple-legged or forked wells has been successfully applied in the Aidlin area of the northwest Geysers field. Wells in the Aidlin area are deeper, hotter and have smaller diameter casings than wells in the southeastern part of the field, where forked wells have been drilled previously. These factors, plus frequently unstable formation conditions at the production casing shoe, add further complications to the forking technique. During 1992-1993, two producing wells at Aidlin were worked over and re-completed as two-legged producers, and one new well was completed with three producing legs. Despite a variety of drilling problems, each of the re-completions resulted in significant increase in well productivity, with an average increase per well of 58 percent. In addition to yielding steam production at a cost that is relatively low compared with drilling new wells, multiple-legged re-completions allow for more flexible scheduling, budgeting and permitting of drilling programs.
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