Design and Implementation of Steam Supply for the Western Geopower Unit 1 Project at the Geysers Geothermal Field, California

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Author: MacLeod, K., Long, M., Granados, E.E., Henneberger, R.C., and Sanyal, S.K.
Description:This paper presents the case history of the first significant expansion of the installed power capacity in two decades at The Geysers steam field (California), which has been producing commercial electric power for nearly 50 years. Western GeoPower Corporation is constructing a 35 MW (net) power plant at The Geysers,where the generation capacity today has declined to about 900MW from its peak of 1,800 MW in 1987. A 62 MW (gross) plant was operated at the Western GeoPower site from 1979 to 1989 but was shut down because of a rapid decline in well productivity.The development of a new 35 MW plant at this site has become possible today because: (a) a long production history and a large amount of resource data are available; (b) a substantial infrastructure exist sat the site; and (c) the augmented injection in The Geysers field with treated municipal effluent over the last decade has sharply reduced well productivity decline. All four production wells drilled to date for this expansion have proven commercial; three of the four wells have shown much higher productivity than is typical for The Geysers field today, the fourth one being about average.
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