Cost of Geothermal Power and Factors that Affect it

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Author: Sanyal, S.K.
Description:This paper presents an analysis of the sensitivity of the cost of geothermal power to: (a) capital cost; (b) operations-and-maintenance (O&M) cost; (c) make-up well drilling cost; (d) resource characteristics (well productivity and its rate of decline); (e) development and operational options (installed plant capacity, number of years of make-up well drilling, and project life); and(f) macro-economic climate (interest and inflation rates). The power cost here Representative cost (in cents per kilowatt-hour) over the project life, the capital cost being amortized over 30 years; any royalties, tax burden, or tax credit are ignored. A range of development sizes, from 5 to 150 MW, is considered. The economy of scale in both capital cost and O&M cost, as well as the higher productivity decline rate due to increased installed capacity, are taken into account.
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