Booking Geothermal Energy Reserves, California

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Author: Sarmiento, Z. and Sanyal, S.K.
Description:Formal booking of geothermal energy reserves, for accounting purposes or annual reporting to shareholders or portfolio management, is not yet a common practice among geothermal companies. In the petroleum industry booking of oil and gas reserves is a routine practice, and at least two geothermal operators that are subsidiaries of petroleum companies book geothermal reserves. As in the petroleum industry, the reserves should be booked in appropriate resource uncertainty categories. To this end we propose three reserve categories with reference to the cumulative probability of exceeding the estimated reserves level: proved (equivalent to the 90th percentile), proved-plus-probable (equivalent to the lesser of the median and most-likely values), and proved plus probable-plus-possible (equivalent to the 10th percentile) .However, before any reserves are booked in the proved category, we believe prospects for commercial productivity from the reservoir should be demonstrated. For the purpose of booking, reserves can be expressed in kilowatt-hours and also in equivalent barrels of oil.
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