Advances in Multiple-Legged Well Completion Methodology at the Geysers Geothermal Field, California

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Author: Gardner, M.C., and Henneberger, R.C.
Description:Drilling or re-completion of production wens with two or more producing wen bores is a technique that has been used successfully by several operators in the southwestern part of the Geysers field to increase well productivity and decrease the unit cost of steam production. The northwestern part of the field poses special difficulties for drilling multiple-legged or forked wens, because of greater reservoir depth, higher reservoir temperatures, the need for narrower well completions, and less stable rock conditions.Three wells within the Adjacent project area of the northwest Geysers were re-completed as 2- and 3-legged producers during 1992-1993, using both existing and new methods for coping with the conditions in this part of the field. Total drilled depths of the producing legs were as much as 11,345 feet (3,458 m), and kickoff points were as deep as 7,895 feet(2,405 m) from 9-5/8-inch production casings. Reservoir temperatures in directionally drilled intervals reached in-excess of 600F (315C).
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