A Feasibility Study of the Potential Benefits of low-Rate Water Injection In Superheated Steam Production Wells

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Author: Box Jr., W.T., Goyal, K.P., Henneberger, R.C., Sanyal, S.K., and Butler, S.J.
Description:This paper investigates the technical feasibility of improving the productivity of super heated steam production wells by low-rate water injection down hole. A combined numerical simulation model of the reservoir and well bore was developed to analyze the physical and thermodynamic processes associated with such down hole injection. The model consisted of a geometrically-increasing radial grid with 12 horizontal layers, the vertical stack of the central grid blocks representing the well bore. The model was calibrated against the temperature and pressure profiles from two flowing wells at The Geysers steam field in California.The modeling of low-rate down hole injection (through a tubing) so far indicates that up to a third of a megawatt (MW) of additional power can be easily gained by injection at 7,500 feet(ft) in a super heated steam well. Of this additional steam, about half results from de-superheating of steam and the rest from extraction of heat from the formation surrounding the well bore. In addition to increasing the power capacity, down hole injection allows neutralization of acidic steam through the addition of caustic soda to the injection water, scrubbing of chloride, and dilution of the non-condensable gases in the produced steam.
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