Geothermal Resources Investigations of the Sonoma Valley Area, Sonoma and Napa Counties, California

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Author: Youngs, Leslie G., Chase, Gordon W., Chapman, Rodger H., Bacon, Forrest C., and Campion, Linda F.
Description:This report presents the results of geothermal resources investigations conducted in the Sonoma Valley area of California by the California Department of Conservation Division of Mines and Geology. Included are the results from separate studies performed in two preceding years, of the southern and central Sonoma Valley area (1981-82) and the northern Sonoma Valley area(1982-83); also included are the results of a shallow temperature drilling program and general wrap up assessment of the resource conducted in 1983-84. The study was undertaken to learn more about the known low-temperature (20 - 90C) geothermal resource in this area and to assess he potential of the resource for development and use by the local community.
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