Geothermal Systems of the Mono Basin - Long Valley Region, Eastern California and Western Nevada

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Author: Ghusn, George Jr., Bacon, Forrest C., Chase, Gordon R., Trexler, Dennis T., Chapman, Rodger H., Flynn, Thomas, and Higgins, Chris T.
Description:SUMMARY:This report presents the results of a cooperative study of geothermal systems in the region from Aurora, Nevada, and Bridgeport, California, south to Long Valley, California, by the Division of Mines and Geology and the Division of Earth Sciences of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The study is the initial reconnaissance phase of a project that was proposed to span several years.Magmatic and hydrothermal systems have been common in this region for the last 15 million years. The objectives of this study were to begin determination of the properties and interactions of these systems and to develop hypotheses on the locations of undiscovered, active systems in the region. Special emphasis was given to the regional relationships and controls of the systems. New data presented include a Bouguer gravity map of the region, several gravity and magnetic profiles, a resistivity profile near Aurora, and a potassium-Argon date on Mud Spring volcano, also near Aurora. New interpretations are presented regarding relative ages and distributions of thermal fluids, gravity anomalies,depths to pre-Cenozoic basement, structural controls of the geothermal systems, and the late Cenozoic tectonic-magmatic evolution of the region.The U.S. Department of Energy provided most of the funds for this project.
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