AASG Geothermal Data: Aqueous Chemistry Content Model

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Author: Love, D.S.; Matti, Jordan; Coleman, Celia; Pape, Esty; Richard, Stephen M.
Description:Please see the current location for information exchange formats (Excel workbooks and schemas) at http://schemas.usgin.org/models. This repository is not the most updated location for schemas. <Services using versions 1.9 and earlier separate wells and springs into separate chemistry services; with use of 1.10, spring and well chemistry is combined into one single service.> This is a data interchange content model for an observation of the chemical composition of an aqueous fluid. A header content model for sample characterization, location, and analysis metadata is included to assist users finding analyses for specific samples, locations, time intervals, etc. Typically water temperature at the time of sampling are recorded along with sample data. Several'suites'of analytes representing common analysis results are defined, with the intention that an implementation of the content model would offer several observation feature types, each of which consists of the header fields combined with the analytes for a suite. A content type for reporting results for a single analyte is also proposed, with an abbreviated header; this could be implemented for services similar to the EPA storet data services. In this approach a single analysis result is delivered as a collection of observation records, each with the same AnalysisURI and reporting single analyte.AqueousChemicalAnalysis-BasicData contains fields for information used to discover and retrieve chemical analyses meeting various criteria, and to evaulate the reported results. These fields would be reported along with a collection of analytes from the different suites proposed on the suites table.
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