Application of the U.S. Geoscience Information Network to Deploying a National Geothermal Data System, AGU 2010-12-11

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Author: Allison, M. Lee | Richard, Stephen M. | Grunberg, Wolfgang | Clark, Ryan J.
Description:U.S. Geoscience Information Network, USGIN, protocols and specifications provide the data integration framework for national, sustainable, distributed, interoperable network of data providers representing all 50 states that will develop, collect, serve, and maintain geothermal relevant data as an integral component of the National Geothermal Data System, NGDS, GOALS: -enhance states abilities to preserve and disseminate geothermal data -facilitate geothermal resource characterization and development -expand the scope of data available to the geothermal community -foster new services and applications built by third parties to take advantage of the system capabilities and content -contribute materially to creation of a national geoinformatics system through -implementation and deployment of NGDS -increase operational support for geoinformatics infrastructure through a broader user base. DATA MADE ACCESSIBLE BY: -digitizing at risk legacy, geothermal relevant data, i.e, paper records, samples, etc. -publishing existing digital data using standard web and data services -limited collection of new data in areas lacking critical information.
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