Oil, Gas, and Helium in Arizona

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Author: Walden, K. | Lochart, L. | Kalil, C.| Heward, R. | Lewis, O.
Description:This Brochure is a cooperative effort of the Arizona Development Board, the Oil and Gas Association of Arizona, and the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. Its specific purpose is to set forth accurately, briefly and concisely the total picture regarding Arizona's oil, gas and helium potential, the general and specific geologic areas, the land and lease situation with specific emphasis on federal, State, Fee and Indian lands, the gas and oil pipelines, possible new lines, the helium plant coverage and a factual presentation of the general economic climate in the state of Arizona.
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Organization Name: Arizona Geological Survey
Street: 416 W. Congress St., Suite 100
City: Tucson
State: AZ
Zip: 85701
Phone: 520-770-3500
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North Bounding Latitude: 37.099833542
South Bounding Latitude: 31.2512684343
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