Sources of Pima County Water Quality Data

Basic Information
Author: Hess. G., Zucker, C., Swanson, T., Kushner, G., Karrer, C., Bazinet, K. , Slazar, E., Davis, H., Gastelum, R., Huckelberry, C., Gutierrez, L., Sweet, C., Parrish, A., Miller, G., Harn, O., Oldham, C., Parisi, P., Villegas, S., and Boyd, M.
Description:The following matrix summarizes the water quality data and related hydraulic data available for Pima County. The matrix is based on information that PAG obtained by mailing a questionnaire to various organizations, by conducting telephone interviews, and by browsing the internet. This matrix is only a summary; the information is presented in more detail in the following section of this report, along with brief descriptions of the agencies that collect water quality data.
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Organization Name: Arizona Geological Survey
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State: AZ
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