Alaska's resource inventory 1984

Basic Information
Author: Barnwell, W.W. and Pearson, K.S.
Description:Alaska's resource inventory 1984. The primary role of DGGS is to assist the Department in meeting these goals by collecting pertinent data, by analyzing these data, and by translating these data into information that can be used in management and policy decisions. Consequently, the objectives, programs, and activities of the Survey are directly linked to the objectives, programs, and activities of each management division in the Department. For- tunately, most information the Survey provides to the Department is also information that is requested by industry, other government agen- cies, and the general public. As an example, the DGGS waterdata program is designed in direct response to the information needs of the Division of Land and Water Management, which appropriates Alaska water on behalf of the Department.
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Name: Jim Clough
Organization Name: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys
Street: 3354 College Road
City: Fairbanks
State: AK
Zip: 99709
Phone: 907-451-5030
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 49.128799
South Bounding Latitude: 71.450459
East Bounding Longitude: -124
West Bounding Longitude: -179.02