Acord 1-26 Hot, Dry Well, Roosevelt Hot Springs Hot Dry Rock Prospect, Utah

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Author: Spencer S. Shannon, Jr., Jimmy J. Jacobson, Roland Pettitt, Fraser Goff, Mark Mathews
Description:The Acord 1-26 well is a hot, dry well peripheral to the Roosevelt Hot Springs known geothermal resource area (KGRA) in southwestern Utah. The bottom-hole temperature in this 3854-m-deep well is 230C, and the thermal gradient is 54C/km. The basal 685 m, comprised of biotite monzonite and quartz schist and gneiss, is a likely hot, dry rock (HDR) prospect. The hole was drilled in a structural low within the Milford Valley graben and is separated from the Roosevelt KGRA to the east by the Opal Mound Fault and other basin faults. An interpretation of seismic data approximates the subsurface structure around the well using the lithology i n the Acord 1-26 well. The hole was drilled with a minimum of difficulty, and casing was set to 2411 m. From drilling and geophysical logs, it is deduced that the subsurface blocks of crystalline rock in the vicinity of the Acord 1-26 well are tight, dry, shallow, impermeable, and very hot. A hydraulic fracture test of the crystalline rocks below 3170 m is recommended. Various downhole tools and techniques could be tested in promising HDR regimes within the Acord 1-26 well.
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North Bounding Latitude: 38.619874861
South Bounding Latitude: 38.232571007
East Bounding Longitude: -112.737487815
West Bounding Longitude: -113.1220093