Aquifer-Specific Groundwater Temperature Map of Missouri, Ozark Aquifer OFM-13-638-GS

Basic Information
Author: Tracey Mason
Description:The Aquifer-Specific Groundwater Temperature Map of Missouri, Ozark Aquifer OFM-13-638-GS illustrates the measured groundwater temperatures and depths in the Ozark Aquifer throughout the State of Missouri. The Ozark Aquifer comprises the Ordovician System and the Upper Cambrian Series, consisting of the Eminence Dolomite and Potosi Dolomite. Each well data point has a corresponding groundwater temperature and depth measurement. These depth measurements were used to verify that the well water was originating from the Ozark Aquifer. Groundwater temperature data was collected state-wide from public water supply district and springs. These measurements were taken with a YSI conductivity meter that measures temperature. This data includes measurements from oil and gas geophysical logs. Plains CO2 Reduction (PCOR) partnership data, Shallow Carbon Sequestration Demonstration Project, and springs data gathered from Missouri Department of Natural Resources publications and files. Additional data was collected from USGS publications. Temperature accuracy reflects original data source. The contours were generated in Arc View TM 10.0 using raster interpolation, within the 3D Analyst Tools. The raster interpolation utilized the natural neighbor tool. Subsequent to generating the raster image, raster surface tool was used to contour the data from the raster interpolation. Some manual editing was performed to ensure contour lines honor data points values and guarantee quality control. The units of the contours are in degrees Fahrenheit and depict the temperature-at-depth for the aquifer. This map was provided by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geology and Land Survey and made available for publication through the National Geothermal Data System.
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Organization Name: Missouri Geological Survey
Street: 111 Fairgrounds Road
City: Rolla
State: MO
Zip: 65401
Phone: 573-368-2100
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 40.62
South Bounding Latitude: 35.96
East Bounding Longitude: -88.89
West Bounding Longitude: -95.76