Application of Soil Vapor Extraction Techniques at a Site Contaminated by Gasoline, Barre, Vermont

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Author: Koptiuch, Kent S.
Description:Major and trace element analyses have been conducted on two previously unmapped greenstone bodies from the Camels Hump group. The Bald Hill greenstone, part of the Hazens Notch formation, is located a few miles west of Camels Hump on Bald Hill. The Taylor Lodge greenstone, in the Underhill formation, is located in Nebraska Notch on the long trail south of Mt. Mansfield at Taylor Lodge. Both greenstones have been metamorphosed to the greenschist facies, removing any original texture (the rocks. The metamorphic mineral assemblage consists dominantly of chlorite, albite, epidote, and amphibole with lesser amounts of biotite, magnetite, and ephene. Paper presented in the Vermont Geological Society quarterly newsletter - Green Mountain Geologist, Summer 1992. Volume 19, Number 2, page 31 of 128 in PDF.
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