Cliona, The Boring Sponge, From The Devonian Shaw Mountain Formation, Vermont

Basic Information
Author: Doll, Charles G.
Description:The original purpose of the photograph in Plate 7, Figure 13 (Doll, 1984), taken at the Seaver Branch locality was to show echinoderm debris on the surface of a thin slab of the fossiliferous limestone, not knowing at the time that a rare Devonian fossil was also being photographed. Further study of the photograph revealed the fossil to be that of Cliona, the boring sponge. Paper presented in the Vermont Geological Society quarterly newsletter - Green Mountain Geologist, Summer 1987. Volume 14, Number 2, page 37 of 84 in PDF.
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Name: Marjorie Gale
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Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 45.01674
South Bounding Latitude: 42.727119
East Bounding Longitude: -71.465282
West Bounding Longitude: -73.437903