Bedrock Geology of the Ludlow Area, Vermont

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Author: Stryhas, B. A.
Description:Bedrock Geology of the Ludlow Area, Vermont. The Ludlow area lies on the eastern limb of the Green Mountain Anticlinorium and is transected by the Precambrian-Cambrian Unconformity. The oldest lithologic Units belong to the Precambrian Mount Holly Complex which forms the highest peaks of the area, including Okemo Mountain. This is overlain to the east by the late Precambrian Tyson formation and lower Cambrian Hoosac and Pinney Hollow formations. Two Acadian deformations have severely transposed an earlier Schistosity of possibly Taconian origin. For more information on this resource and Accessibility options please see the links provided. Student paper presented in the Vermont Geological Society quarterly newsletter - Green Mountain Geologist, Spring 1983. Volume 10, Number 1, page 15 of 84 in PDF.
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North Bounding Latitude: 43.962253
South Bounding Latitude: 43.222589
East Bounding Longitude: -72.205327
West Bounding Longitude: -72.980247