An Examination into Sedimentary Characteristics of Lake Champlain in Northwest and Button Bays

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Author: Woodberry, Lesley
Description:Agricultural runoff and sewage effluent are contributing to high concentrations of phosphorus in St. Alban's Bay, Lake Champlain, resulting in accelerated rates of eutrophication. A major portion of the phosphorus (P) is deposited in sediments of the bay and in the adjacent wetlands. The present study addresses problems related to (1) the capacity of the sediments to act as a reservoir for phosphorus, (2) the potential for the release of phosphorus to overlying waters, and (3) the mobility of phosphorus within the sediment column. Student paper presented in the Vermont Geological Society quarterly newsletter - Green Mountain Geologist, Spring 1983. Volume 10, Number 1, page 16 of 84 in PDF.
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