A Study of The Metamorphism and Deformation Within the Sillimanite Zone East of the Victory Pluton, Miles Pond, Vermont

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Author: Wertheim, Jill A.
Description:Recent bedrock geologic mapping in parts of the Hazens Notch, Lowell, Irasburg, Eden, and Albany quadrangles demonstrates that the original assumptions of stratigraphic continuity within and among formations proposed by the first bedrock geologic maps of the area are largely invalid. Lithologic contacts in the central Stowe Formation are a series of anastamosing thrust faults that compose a major fault zone (informally-named Eden Notch Fault Zone that juxtapose diverse rock types over relatively short distances. Anastamosing thrust faults are also found surrounding the major ultramafic bodies in the northwest part of the map area in the vicinity of the Stowe/Ottauquechee contact. The Lowell Mountain "Anticline" in this map area is a north-plunging synformal structure that is in tectonic contact with the Umbrella Hill Conglomerate to the east as demonstrated by a well-developed generally steeply-plunging stretched quartz pebble lineation; this Informal structure is truncated along its western side by the Eden Notch Fault Zone. Student paper presented in the Vermont Geological Society quarterly newsletter - Green Mountain Geologist, Spring 1997. Volume 24, Number 2. page 12 of 14 in PDF.
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