A Study of Metals in Arrowhead Mountain Lake, Milton, Vermont

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Author: Schuck, Russel A.
Description:Arrowhead Mountain Lake, located in Milton, Vermont was formed when the Lamoille River was impounded in 1937. Analyses of surface sediment grab samples reveal high concentrations of arsenic and nickel. The concentrations of these metals exceed levels determined by NOAA to be toxic to biota (Long and Morgan, 1990). Determining the extent of metal contamination and its source is important for several reasons. A) Arrowhead Mountain Lake is actively used for drinking water and recreation and is home to a variety of wildlife. B) The Lamoille River carries water leaving Arrowhead Mountain Lake into Lake Champlain. Sediments near the mouth of the Lamoille in Malletts Bay, Lake 14 The Green Mountain Geologist Vol. 21 No. 1 Champlain, show elevated concentrations of arsenic and nickel. C) By determining the source, measures may be taken to stop or decrease their input into Arrowhead Mountain Lake, as well as to Lake Champlain. Student paper presented in the Vermont Geological Society quarterly newsletter - Green Mountain Geologist, Spring 1994. Volume 21, Number 1.
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