A Comparison of Fault Zone Fabrics in Northwestern Vermont

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Author: Strehle, Barbara A.; and Stanley, Rolfe S.
Description:A Comparison of Fault Zone Fabrics in Northwestern Vermont. The purpose of this report is to describe and interpret the fault zone fabrics at four major sites that are located along three thrust faults in the foreland and hinterland of northwestern Vermont. They represent faults zones that developed at progressively deeper levels within the ancient Taconian Mountains. Deformed sedimentary and metamorphic rocks of Precambrian through Ordovician age in western Vermont are dissected by thrust faults of both local and regional scale. The evolution of these faults and associated folds is easier to evaluate in the foreland because much of the evidence used to infer deformational processes is preserved since the rocks are unmetamorphosed and less deformed. In the hinterland, however, much of this evidence is either partially or totally obliterated by syntectonic and post-tectonic metamorphism which anneals deformed fabrics and creates new mineral assemblages. The degree to which this evidence is obliterated is a function of the timing of metamorphism and deformation. The rate of faulting is rapid or if faulting occurs after metamorphism then the fault zone may consist of highly fractured and mineralogically-altered rock that take on many of the characteristics of foreland fault zones. The result of this study illustrates and explains these relationships for northwestern Vermont.
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