Case History Report on East Mesa and Cerro Prieto Geothermal Fields

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Author: Davis, D. G., Sanyal, S. K.
Description:The geothermal resource has become an increasingly important alternate energy source in recent years. This has led to increased emphasis on developing and refining the technology involved in the development and production of geothermal energy. Well log analysis as applied to the geothermal industry is one of the areas of technology in great need of further development. One means of improving log analysis technology is to study case histories of the past uses of log analysis as applied to specific fields. The project described in this report involved case history studies on two well-known geothermal areas in North America: The East Mesa field in California and the Cerro Prieto field in Mexico. Since there was considerably more pertinent material available on East Mesa, a major part of the effort on this project was devoted to studying the East Mesa field. This resource also goes by the id: oitGHC_0125-01.
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