Bedrock Geological Map of Connecticut 1:125,000-Scale

Basic Information
Author: Rodgers, John
Description:Connecticut Bedrock Geology is a 1:50,000-scale, polygon and line feature-based layer describing the solid material that underlies the soil or other unconsolidated material of the earth for Connecticut. Bedrock geologic formations are described as polygons in terms of formation name (incorporating geologic age), rock type, and tectonic terrane association. Tectonic forces are responsible for the present day geologic configuration of the continents. Resulting terranes are regionally fault bounded rocks of a similar tectonic history. Each terrane is named after its plate tectonics ancestry. Geologic lines include contacts, faults, and terrane boundaries. Terrane boundaries are named for the faults involved. The geologic contacts and faults are delineated and classified by type. Polygon feature attribute information is comprised of codes to identify individual bedrock geologic units, their formation name, description and size. Line feature attributes identify, name and describe bedrock contacts, faults and terrane boundaries between these bedrock geologic units. Data is compiled at 1:50,000 scale and is not updated. The Bedrock Geological Map of Connecticut is available for purchase at the State of Connecticut, Department of Environmental Protection Store. Layers available for download.
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Organization Name: State of Connecticut, Department of Enviromental Protection
Street: 79 Elm Street
City: Hartford
State: Connecticut
Zip: 06106-5127
Phone: 860-424-3540
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 42.052612
South Bounding Latitude: 40.94997
East Bounding Longitude: -71.781365
West Bounding Longitude: -73.742107