Atlantic Coastal Plain Geothermal Test Holes, Virginia: Hole Completion Report v. 1

Basic Information
Author: LaVerne B. Cobb, LeRoy Radford, and Michael Glascock
Description:Publication on the Atlantic Coastal plain Geothermal Drilling Program and date for the five (5) test holes drilled in Virginia. Gruy Federal, Inc. of Houston, Texas, was selected by the Department of Energy (DOE), Division of Geothermal Energy, to plan, manage, and supervise the Atlantic Coastal Plain Geothermal Drilling Program (ACPGDP). The objectives of this program are: 1. To provide 50 or more heat flow measurement holes, approximately 1000 feet deep, in the sediments of the Atlantic Coastal Plain; 2. To provide these test holes over an area large enough to obtain a statistically comprehensive understanding of the heat flow characteristics of the Atlantic Coastal Plain; and 3. To locate the optimum site for a geothermal resource exploratory well, drilled to basement (approximately 6000 feet deep), after analysis of the heat flow data.
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Organization Name: Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy, Division of Geology and Mineral Resources
Street: 900 Natural Resources Drive, Suite 500
City: Charlottesville
State: Virigina
Zip: 22903
Phone: 304-594-2331
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 39.7713595399
South Bounding Latitude: 36.1697754289
East Bounding Longitude: -73.4970713854
West Bounding Longitude: -85.3623057604