An archaelogical reconnaissance survey in the geothermal resource subzone of Upper Kamaili, Kehena and Kikala, Puna, Hawaii

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Author: Bonk, William J
Description:In August of 1989, Mr. Art Seki from the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, University of Hawaii at Manoa contacted the writer of this report with a request for an archaeological reconnaissance survey of a geothermal well site adjacent to land I had already surveyed in 1987 (Bonk. 1988). At the time of the request, I had just agreed to take on further investigation along the roadway and at the terminus and therefore was willing to examine this fairly small additional area, for I knew I would be in the region. As with the previously examined roadway, this plot is on property of the Estate of James Campbell in the Puna District, on the island of Hawaii. Specifically, the area investigated is on the north-east rift of Kilauea, south of Kaohe Homesteads (See map 1) and is in the uplands of Kamaili, Kehena, and Kikala, Puna. Through the office of Mr. Nobuchila Santo of Island Survey, Inc., I received pertinent information and copies of a plan showing the location of the project area. On September 9th I carried out the field work for this report with the able assistance of my son, Ken.
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