August 1991 monthly report: Scientific Observation Hole (SOH) Program geothermal resource permit: GRP 89-1 Lilewa, Kapoho, and Halekamahina, Hawaii TMK: 1-2-10:01; 1-4-01:02; and 1-4-02:32

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Description:The sump material at SOH-1 and SOH-2 has been analyzed to determine its suitability for disposal. Based on Brewer Environmental Industries, Inc.'s laboratory analysis, which found the drilling mud and cuttings sampled from the SOH-1 and SOH-2 sites to be nonhazardous, the Department of Health authorized the disposal of the sump material in a letter dated August 7, 1991. The sumps at both sites will be drained and the waste material will be used as backfill material to fill the sumps' excavation. A grading permit was issued for the SOH-3 site on June 10, 1991.
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