Annotated bibliography: Marine geologic hazards of the Hawaiian Islands with special focus on submarine slides and turbidity currents

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Author: Normark, WR. , Herring, HH
Description:This annotated bibliography has been compiled to highlight the submarine geology of the Hawaiian Islands and identify known and potential marine geologic hazards with special emphasis on turbidity currents, submarine slides and tsunamis. Work that is described only in published abstracts is not included because it is generally impossible to evaluate the applicability of the material in an abstract to the problem at hand. This report will not attempt to duplicate the work of Wright and Takahashi (1989) and Wright and others, who are producing an annotated Hawaii Bibliographic Database covering the period from 1779-1992 (written communication, 2 November 1992) that includes abstracts on all literature pertaining to the geology of Hawaii. Their works includes the offshore area around the Hawaiian Islands and can be used to provide additional background. This report includes some references that are not specific to Hawaii but are needed to understand the geologic processes that can affect the integrity of submarine cables and other man-made structures. Any references noted in the annotation texts will be found in this report but not necessarily within the same section. Those entries based on observations of turbidity current flow, submarine mass failures, and tsunamis specific to the Hawaiian Island area are shown in bold type.
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